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Piliatis Marble SA
Extraction - Cutting - Sale of Marble Styra Evia

The history of the Piliati’s family company

PILIATIS MARBLE SA is a Greek, family owned company, based at Styra area, in South Greece, in Evia Island.

At Styra area are located both the assets of the company which are the quarry of Cipollino marble and the rich inventory in the factory. The first exploration of Cipollino marble took place in 1897 from our grandfather, Minas Piliatis.


In 1953 our father, Georges Piliatis, the 8th kid of the family, took over from his father the responsibility of the exploration of the quarries and any other activity was in place at that time. 

 He worked many years in collaboration with one of his brothers, Yangos. In 1974 he created the first factory at Styra area.


In 1995 it was created the company Piliatis Marble SA in the new  owned factory.

We consist the third generation that is working in this company dealing with the operations of excavation of the quarry, processing, cutting, distributing of Cipollino marble all over the world. 

Our vision is to be our customers' preferred supplier due to our severe services of quality and the unique beauty of Cipollino marble.

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, Roman Forum

Cipollino marble has a rich and famous history starting from the ancient Roman world where it had already became the favorite marble of the Romans because of its interesting green and grey veined designs. It took in Italy the name of cipollino due to the long and thick layers of mica, just like an onion has its own layers that can be split and peeled.

The term later became very popular until in the last century that it was accepted also to suggest to very specific geological connotations, the psysicho-mechanical properties  that are mentioned analytical below, currently broadly understood internationally.

In fact cipollino marble was commonly used historically in Roman: Greece, Italy, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel, Croatia, and more recently in United Kingdom, France, Austria and USA.

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